Books of the Month April 2024

Books of the Month April 2024



Dr. Seuss was famously quoted as saying, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Our readers certainly had much to learn and many places to go, thanks to the great selection of books on offer. Here are their favorites across different genres that were chosen as the books of the month for April 2024. 


Best Romance

Saving Mitch

By Emily Matthews


Saving Mitch cover

Saving Mitch is the first book in The MacDonald Brothers series by Emily Matthews. The romance is between officer Mitch MacDonald and clumsy veterinarian Maggie Tucker. Mitch's partner is killed in the line of duty, which causes an obsessive search for the culprit that could cost him his job. Maggie initially dislikes Mike after he writes her a ticket, but the two are forced to spend time together after she witnesses a crime. Both of them are attracted to each other but find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer who is after them. 


Best Mystery & Thriller

The Burnside Mystery Series

By David Chill


Burnside Series


The only thing better than a good murder mystery book is three of them, and that's exactly what readers can expect from The Burnside Mystery Series by David Chill. The boxed set includes Post Pattern, Fade Route, and Bubble Screen. Post Pattern sees a former football star turned Private Investigator, Burnside, investigating the case of someone firing a gunshot at a local football star on a dark Los Angeles freeway. In Fade Route, Burnside investigates the murder of a candidate for mayor, and in Bubble Screen, he is on the trail of some people who will do anything to acquire money. 


Best Biography

A Timeless Tribute to All Mothers - Animal Kingdom to Monarchy

By Vijaya Chetty


A Timeless Tribute to All Mothers

A Timeless Tribute to All Mothers by Vijaya Chetty celebrates the resilience, strength, and love of mothers from all corners of the globe. It provides readers with insights into the joys, challenges, and sacrifices that are part of motherhood and is filled with compelling narratives and poignant accounts. However, the stories extend beyond human mothers and feature insightful reflections on the animal kingdom as well. 


Best Children's Book

Belle Finds Her Fur-Ever Home

By Noy Vasilkovski


Belles Furever Home

Belle Finds Her Fur-Ever Home is the first book in the Bell the Dog series by Noy Vasilkovski. It is the story of Belle, a dog who has never had a family. Belle is taken in by Bobby and Nina, who are happy to add the little dog to their growing family, but together, they must all learn to adjust to their new situation. Along with the engaging story, Belle Finds Her Fur-Ever Home is also filled with beautiful illustrations. 


Best Young Adult

Shadow Storm

By Jennifer Aitken


Shadow Storm

Shadow Storm by Jennifer Aitken is the first book in the Lucius Xavier series. In it, a young man finds himself fused with an alternate version of himself and has to watch helplessly as he is being pursued by killers. Even worse, the consciousness of his powerful other self fades, leaving him at the mercy of a deadly secret society. Lucius finds himself with new powers to master and a prophecy claiming that he's fated to save the universe. 


Best Fantasy


By Greg Lucci



Rigged by Greg Lucci is set in a world of piracy, pyromancy, printmaking, and propaganda. The story follows Pamela Marsson, a young con artist and runaway who finds herself in the pirate town of Amrestir. Ambassadors from across The Grand Sea have had enough of the plundering and are determined to retrieve their stolen goods from the outlaw town. Pamela sees it as an opportunity to make a name for herself finally, but her ambitions could set off a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. 


Best Historical Fiction

The Girl From Terezin

By Hana Sternlicht


Girl From Terezin


The Girl From Terezin by Hanan Sternlicht is based on the incredible true story of the author, who is a Holocaust survivor. The tale is set in 1942 when a twelve-year-old Hana boarded a train and left the only home she's ever known to travel to Terezin. There, she spends two years in a girl's house, operating discreetly under the ruthless German guards. Hana is surrounded by hunger, sickness, and death, but when Jewish people begin to vanish into crowded freight trains, Hana knows that her time in Terezin is over. 


Best Horror


By Phil Maxey



Deadfall is the first book in the Infernal Contagion series of zombie apocalypse thrillers by Phil Maxey. The Halter family find themselves fighting for their lives when the undead rise from their graves. Joe Halter is a former British army soldier who has to go on a daring mission to save his daughter when the apocalypse begins. Meanwhile, his wife has to fight for her life at home. 


Best Literary Fiction

The Heart of the Desert

By Avi Friede


The Heart of The Desert

The Heart of the Desert by Avi Friede follows the Edelman family as they search for a fresh start. Aviam seizes on the unexpected opportunity to travel the world with his wife and autistic son after years of unemployment and discontent. Devorah follows her husband on this journey, hoping it will mend the fractures in their family. Meanwhile, their fourteen-year-old son, Dor, has yet to speak a word since the day he was born. The family finds an unexpected companion in the vast expanse of Abu Dhabi, but their journey through the heart of the desert also comes with family tension and conflict. 


Best Science Fiction

Gunslinger to the Stars

By Joe Vasicek


Gunslinger Trilogy

Gunslinger to the Stars is the first book in the Gunslinger Trilogy by Joe Vasicek. The protagonist, Sam Kletchka, is captain of the Star Runner, a military contractor for Earthfleet, and an interstellar privateer. However, before that, he was a hired gun, taking one gunslinging job at a time while freelancing across the galaxy. This is the story of how he went from being stranded in the armpit of the galaxy to becoming the luckiest human in the universe. 


Best Paranormal


By Cara Bristol



Darak is the first book in Cara Bristol's Dakonia Alien Mail Order Brides series. Lexi Sutterman is a free-spirited pastry chef with a hypercritical family that views her as a failure. When her successful younger sister becomes engaged, Lexi decides to fight back by joining the Intergalactic Dating Agency and bringing a giant, purple tentacled alien as a plus one for the wedding. However, Darak of planet Dakon turns out to be seven feet of horned alien hotness who is more interested in being together forever instead of just a weekend. While Darak recognizes Lexi as his true mate, convincing her will take some effort. 


Best Non-Fiction

Trivia Book of Wow

By Robin Why


Trivia Book of Wow

Trivia Book of Wow by Robin Why is a book for the seriously curious and is filled with wonderfully weird facts and whatnot. It contains 1369 fascinating factoids spread across 76 diverse and well-organized chapters. The book is both educational and entertaining, featuring facts that span many different eras and topics. It is also designed to be easy to read from cover to cover or to simply dip in for a quick fact of the day.