Books of the Month March 2024

Books of the Month March 2024

Every month brings new opportunities to read great books, and March is no exception. From romance and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction, there are plenty of genres to choose from and some incredible titles to get lost in. Here are the books of the month for March 2024, as selected by our discerning readers. 


Best Romance

Loving the Ladies' Man

By Kristin Canary

Loving the Ladies cover

Loving the Ladies' Man is the first book in the California Dreamin' Sweet Romcom Series by Kristin Canary. Evie is an editor at a small publishing company who is competing for the same job as the resident office flirt, Connor. She's happy to hold him at arms' length forever until the two become stuck in their office building overnight due to an earthquake-inducing landslide. During this time, Evie discovers that Conner is not actually the jerk she thought he was. Connor even offers to attend her ex's wedding as a fake boyfriend, which is when things get even more interesting. 


Best Mystery & Thriller

Arctic Revelation

By Hugh Finch

Arctic Revelation Cover

Arctic Revelation by Hugh Finch is the story of Dr. Christian Yates, a man who believes that human DNA contains an infinite repository of ancestral memories. His theory would mean that memories could be passed on to the next generation, but his pursuit of the truth has made him the target of a notorious serial killer. His quest will take him to Greenland in search of an ancient psychotropic elixir, but in addition to the killer, Christian also draws the attention of a ruthless pharmaceutical CEO. 


Best Children's Book

Malala's Mission For the World

By Aida Zaciragic


Malala's Mission for the World is a children's book by Aida Zaciragic for kids aged six to ten about bravery and the fight for girls' education. It is the story of Malala Yousuf Zai, a girl born in Pakistan who became a strong advocate of girls' right to continue their education. In her efforts to bring change, Malala faced unimaginable challenges, including a harrowing attack by a Taliban gunman. This book tells the inspiring tale of her triumph and teaches children the values of courage, perseverance, and the pursuit of justice. 


Best Fantasy

The Frozen Flame

By Paul J Bennett


The Frozen Flame: Publisher's Pack features the first, second, and prequel books of Paul J Bennett's The Frozen Flame series. The story features Natalie, who was torn from her mother's arms to be trained as a battle mage at a mysterious institution called the Volstrum. It is also the tale of Athgar, a man blindly driven by revenge after the fire that nearly consumed him also released his magical potential. While Natalie is on the run from her family, her path crosses with that of Athgar, who is desperately hunting for his. Together, they uncover clues to a secret conspiracy that takes them across the Continent. 


Best Historical Fiction

Four Jewish Brides

By Liora Ayalon


Four Jewish Brides by Liora Ayalon is a novel that explores how the wives behind the great religious leaders pulled the strings to influence the very fabric of Jewish life. These wives include Sheindel, who is hardly more than a child when she is wed to the Holy Jew of Peschischa, Jacob Isaac, who is the widowed husband of her beloved sister Feigaleh. There is also Miriam, who is ecstatic to be married to the Seer of Lublin, only to find herself cast aside on her first night as a married woman. Even worse, in his old age, the Seer marries the young Beilah, who never wanted to be a rabbi's wife. Although not sisters in blood, these four Jewish brides are so in fate and the courage they displayed despite being kept in the shadow of their righteous husbands.    


Best Horror

The Breath

By Alexander Semenyuk


The Breath is a horror novella by Alexander Semenyuk, the award-winning author of Paradise Harbour. The setting is an Arctic base where five scientists are doing research before things start to go horribly wrong. Soon, they find themselves isolated and in a physical as well as psychological battle for survival against a mysterious source. 


Best Literary Fiction

The Secret of the Lost Diary

By Yonit Oved


Emma Jones is a caregiver working for the elderly Mrs. Baum in Yonit Oved's The Secret of the Lost Diary. She longs for a way out as every day feels the same, but a parcel carrying the wrong address arrives at their doorstep one day. Inside, Emma discovers a faded, sealed diary, which she is compelled to read. What she finds is a story that will not only change the course of her own life but also those closest to her. 


Best Science Fiction

American Starfleet Interdiction

By Dalton Lewis


American Starfleet Interdiction is part of Dalton Lewis's American Starfeelt series of science fiction novels. It is set in the year 2243, and America is fighting a brutal two-front space war against the Tratos and Uberrans. America's ally is the Quintessence, an alliance of aliens dedicated to peace and harmony. However, they desperately need medical supplies and fuel, so Starfleet Interdiction is tasked with traversing the long empty space between Earth's Sol system and the Menmoch and Savoria systems to give them what they need.  


Best Paranormal

Blood Promise

By Holly S Roberts


Blood Promise is a romantic thriller about vampires and werewolves by Holly S. Roberts. The protagonist, Tara, finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old struggle between vampires and werewolves. She also holds the key to peace between the two sides, but the king of the vampires and the alpha of the wolves, Blade and Rollin, are both determined to win her heart. Nevertheless, Tara has her own plans and can change the fates of both factions forever. 


Best Non-Fiction

Hormone Hacking

By Dr. Alexander Arditti

hormone hacking

Hormone Hacking is a book by Dr. Alexander Arditti, an anti-aging expert. In it, he introduces readers to new methods to diagnose, treat, and even prevent some of the most common ailments caused by hormonal imbalances. His "hormone hacking" methods were developed over decades of experience in cardiology, internal, and functional medicine. Hormone Hacking can guide readers to a better understanding of their bodies as well as how to get them back to their peak condition.