Books of The Month November 2022

Books of The Month November 2022

Nestled between the pumpkin carving of October and the holiday excitement of December is the month of November. It is a time to take a breather from the previous month while preparing for the chaos of the next, which also makes it perfect for catching up on some good books. This is exactly what our readers did with this selection that ended up being their picks for books of the month for November 2022. 

Best Romance

The Deal Maker

by Nina Lane

The Deal Maker by Nina Lane

The Deal Maker is the first book in the Stone Brother Billionaires series by Nina Lane. It tells the story of Luke Stone and Polly Lockhart, two people who lead very different lives. Luke is a billionaire CEO who carries the weight of the Stone family legacy on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Polly struggles to keep her bakery from going out of business. However, when their paths cross, they fall for each other, and Luke makes it his mission to help save her failing business while she turns his life upside down with all the chaos and joy he’s been missing.

Best Mystery & Thriller

Grave Mistake

by Christine Pope

Grave Mistake by Christine Pope

Grave Mistake is the first book in the Hedgewitch for Hire series of paranormal cozy mysteries by Christine Pope. The protagonist, a self-taught hedgewitch named Selena Marx, trades West Los Angeles for Globe, Arizona, after drawing some unwanted attention from Lucien Dumond, leader of the Necromancer’s Guild. Unfortunately, after settling in with a new home and a new shop, she is tracked down by Lucien, who still wants her for his harm of slavishly devoted groupies. However, when Lucien turns up dead shortly afterward, Selena teams up with Calvin Standingbear, hunky chief of the San Ramon Apache tribal police, to investigate what is going on.

Best Children’s Book

Maybe I’ll Be An Architect

by Tenille Bettenhausen

Maybe I'll Be An Architect by Tenille Bettenhausen

Maybe I’ll Be An Architect is a children’s book aimed at inspiring children’s imagination and helping them to explore what career paths they could follow when they grow up. It is written by Tenille Bettenhausen and features illustrations by Ira Baykovska. The story is not just about becoming an architect either but teaches children about how many possible jobs there are if they put their minds to it. 

Best Young Adult

The Stolen Kingdom

by Bethany Atazadeh

The Stolen Kingdom by Bethany Atazadeh

The Stolen Kingdom is a modern retelling of Aladdin by Bethany Atazadeh and the first book in her series of the same name. The story is set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and other fantasy creatures and sees a woman named Arie manifest a Jinni’s Gift. She tries to hide her ability to hear the thoughts of those around her but finds her forbidden gift growing out of control. Then, when a neighboring king tries to force her hand in marriage to steal her kingdom, Aerie knows exposure could cost her her throne and life. Her only hope for removing the gift involves a lamp, a heist, and a Jinni hunter’s crew of thieves. 

Best Fantasy

Smoke and Spells

By Ryver Knight

Smoke and Spells by Ryver Knight

Smoke and Spells is the first book in the Althuria Chronicles series by Ryver Knight. This coming-of-age fantasy series sees a fifteen-year-old girl named Asha Olinger discovering that she wields a rare and destructive power. Where previously her life revolved around working relentlessly as a cleaner to put food on the table, she suddenly finds herself with incredible new opportunities. Not only is wealthy, famous people like Lex Sylvester flirting with her, but she also receives a letter from the famed Luminus Academy claiming that she got accepted through the lottery system. There’s just one problem, someone is murdering girls at the Academy, and if Asha is not careful, she could be next. 

Best Historical Fiction

The Viennese Parfumerie

by Ron Getreuer-Gilo

The Viennese Parfumerie by Rot Getreuer-Gilo

The Viennese Parfumerie by Ron Getreuer-Gilo is set in 1938 Vienna, where 19-year-old Kitty Hahn notices the rising tides of hatred spreading through the city. However, Kitty cannot convince her parents and makes the bold decision to escape the city she’s known her entire life alone. The Viennese Parfumerie is based on the handwritten diary and personal letters of Kitty Hahn that chronicles three generations of her family. These were found more than seventy years after the events that took place and offer an intimate and personal perspective of a terrible historical period. 

Best Literary Fiction

The Middle Between Us

by Itamar S. N. 

The Middle Between us by Itamar S. N.

The Middle Between us by Itamar S. N is the tale of four tormented souls, two impossible love stories, and one inescapable fate. The two love stories are seemingly unrelated at first, but despite taking place at different times are deeply intertwined. One story is set in the artisanal streets of the 21st century, while the other happens in the wild mountains of eastern Europe during World War I. One couple is two men coming to terms with their own sexual identities, while the other sees two young lovers forced apart in the face of insurmountable odds. Despite these differences, the author weaves the complexities of modern-day romance with conflicts as old as time. 

Best Science Fiction


by A. W. Davidson

Eruption by A. W. Davidson

Eruption is the first novel in the Dawn Project Trilogy by A. W. Davidson. This science fiction saga is set in Cycle 2296, during which climate refugee protests turn violent due to an unstoppable mass extinction. The only way to terraform the planet back to life is by getting rid of its civilization using an artificial volcanic eruption called the Dawn Project. The Council calls on biologist Kaia Badra to inspire her city to prepare for their exodus to the heavens, but what she discovers is a conspiracy that could turn their act of creation toward apocalyptic destruction instead. 

Best Paranormal

Outback Spirit

by Nicole R. Taylor

Outback Spirit by Nicole R. Taylor

Outback Spirit by Nicole R. Taylor is set in the sleepy opal mining town of Solace, deep in the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback. On the surface, there’s nothing special about the town, and it’s frequently bypassed by all but the desperate. However, the place is actually a haven for supernatural outcasts, and myth and magic live alongside the harsh and unforgiving land. However, a curious new arrival in town sees the Exiles of Solace doing whatever it takes to protect their home and secrets. 

Best Non-Fiction

The Secret’s in the Soil

by Jessie Kelias

The Secret's In The Soil by Jessie Kelias

The Secret’s In The Soil by Jessie Kelias aims to help people grow healthy plants and bountiful, nutritious produce. It is a definitive guide to working with soil, which is something that a lot of people skip only to see their plants fail to survive. The book covers topics such as the natural structure of soil, why you should test your garden soil before planting, the why, how, and when of fertilizers, and a lot more. Best of all, it can help anyone fix their soil naturally without using harmful, synthetic chemicals.