Editorial Review: Brutal Intentions by K.J. Devoir

Editorial Review: Brutal Intentions by K.J. Devoir

Anyone would think Cherish Lorey and Shaw MacRath are at totally opposite ends of society - but between the increasingly serious threats to her life and the way his inner wolf is thinking about her, they’re about to get a lot closer.

Cherish is an heiress - an heiress with no money to be fair, but an heiress all the same – and she’s just inherited her old family home located out on the water. Shaw is the Alpha of his crew and everyone knows it, when he’s first tasked with scaring Cherish away from the property during their tour of the place he thinks keeping her at a distance – and his wolf under wraps – will be easy. He could not be more wrong.

From the moment they meet, Cherish is on high alert – a fact that shouldn’t be as alluring as it is. Despite being a little cannot help but check him out - his impeccable physique isn’t helping matters – but when she catches a glimpse of his pale-blue and almost wolfish eyes it’s a lost cause.

With all her college friends doing better than ever and her mom about to re-marry the worst person Cherish could imagine, getting thrown into the world of shifters, vampires, and mobsters is the last thing she needs. Regardless of the dangerous reality she’s facing, Cherish soon sees that the current events have a lot more to do with her tragic childhood than she could have ever guessed.

As the story unfolds, the reader gets glimpses of the broader world these characters inhabit with both their personal history and the social history of this world impacting the main storyline directly. Throughout the book, there is a good balance of lore and action, sweetness and spice, raw story, and heartfelt emotion.

Brutal Intentions (#1 in the Kings of Order series) is a mafia shifter dark romance – there’s plenty here for existing fans and a lot to offer for newer readers of the genre. K. J. Devoir does well to meld the enemies-to-lovers trope with the clearly defined anti-hero that Shaw embodies while making sure that Cherish is more than just a damsel – though she does often find herself in distress.

A fast-paced, action-packed, and steamy dark romance - Brutal Intentions is full of twists and turns to keep you hooked to the end.