Editorial Review: For Pete's Sake by Anna Darko

Editorial Review: For Pete's Sake by Anna Darko

In this chilling short story, a young man is forced by his boss to attend a business trip on Christmas Eve but has a strange encounter while waiting in the airport lounge.

For Pete's Sake opens with the protagonist, Brandon, finding himself at Terminal B, Gate 24 of Newark International Airport n Christmas Eve. While the rest of his team is enjoying their vacation, Brandon had to cancel all his plans at the last minute to "prove" himself to his boss. Brandon isn't exactly thrilled about the situation, especially as the venue was moved to Chicago instead of his New York office at the last minute, but he hopes it might just pave the way to a promotion.

To make matters worse, a blizzard is closing in on the city, and Brandon's flight will be going right through it.

While waiting in the grungy airport lounge, Brandon has no desire to engage his fellow travelers in conversation, which he makes clear by wearing headphones. However, this doesn't deter an older gentleman from talking to Brandon and telling him about his life until they receive their last call for boarding. Brandon doesn't think much about the situation but, during the boarding process, discovers that his encounter was anything but ordinary.

For Pete's Sake is a short horror story, so not much more can be said about it without spoilers. However, suffice to say that the author maintains the very tense and creepy atmosphere of the tale from start to finish. Not only does it draw in readers right from the beginning, but the vivid details make it easy to imagine the exact situation that Brandon finds himself in. The feeling of unease that permeates the story also comes to a very satisfying conclusion that fans of the genre will really enjoy. Even better, the story is short enough that readers can finish it in one sitting and then go back and reread it to discover some new details they missed the first time.

Anyone who has spent time at airports, especially late at night or during quiet times, will know how surreal they can be. For Pete's Sake perfectly captures this mood, which makes it even creepier and all too real. While the story is short, it is one that will stay with you, so don't be surprised if you find yourself looking at the people around you with some apprehension during your next flight.