Editorial Review:  Fulfillment by ICA

Editorial Review:  Fulfillment by ICA

In Fulfillment, author ICA tells the story of his own reintroduction to God and takes readers on a spiritual journey that will leave them breathless. His book covers the pathway to life’s plan, manifestations, money, understanding truth, and so much more.

The mark of a great writer is when they can take their readers on a journey but make them feel as if they are living it themselves. This is what ICA does in describing his encounters with God and his spiritual truth. While this book may not be for everyone, those who are ready to go on a spiritual journey will find incredible wisdom and comfort in these pages.

Written with beautiful storytelling, in easy to read chapters, ICA starts off at the beginning, naturally. He tells of a time when he was not that close to God, a time when things were dark, and his spirit guide was quiet. The author explores the idea of new experiences with souls, and how life’s plans can be forgotten but never far away. Almost fantastical, Fulfillment leaves readers feeling as if they are riding a wave of spiritual enlightenment. The ethereal realm that ICA puts in these pages will stay with you even after the pages have been read.

After exploring the life plan, ICA speaks about the life contract. Humans make contracts all of the time, with other people, animals, plants, Earth, and even God. The author states that humans' contract with God is to speak of him and tell the world about his offerings. This message is beautiful and can be seen in many different religions throughout history.

Finally, ICA ends with the fulfillment. With which he is speaking of the fulfillment of the contract with the Lord. He has fulfilled his contract by writing this book, but it is now the reader's duty to go forth and spread the word as well.

The positivity ringing through this book will leave the reader feeling relaxed and ready to take on everything that life has to offer. There is nothing more powerful and fulfilling than feeling one with God, nature, and other human beings. That is exactly what ICA spreads with his words, and in his book Fulfillment.

A gorgeous exploration of life, spiritualism, and God.