Editorial Review: Heart Of Gold by Quin Coleridge

Editorial Review: Heart Of Gold by Quin Coleridge

When a workaholic lawyer hits rock bottom and a self-sacrificing pediatrician is forced to work together, they both find themselves changing in ways they never expected.

When it comes to money, Simon Phillips is absolutely fine but where his happiness is concerned -he’s anything but. He’s a partner in a law firm after all, with a nice place to live and a Mercedes as well. Unfortunately, he’s also chronically exhausted, stressed, and teetering on the edge of a drinking problem. Doctor Kate Spencer, on the other hand, doesn’t really care for money and spends every spare moment she has at the free clinic and community center. You’d think that these two would be unlikely to meet, but as fate would have it they’ve bumped into each other a few times over the years – and Simon has left the same bad impression every time. This meeting, though, is entirely different.

After waking up on the bathroom floor at work, still in his suit from the day before and remembering nothing of the inebriated actions he’s informed he took part in, Simon is forced to take a leave of absence and take some stress management classes. When he shows up at the community center, strategically chosen for its out-of-the-way location in order to minimize the risks of being seen by anyone he knows, he’s awestruck by the gorgeous and unpredictable Doctor Spencer.

Doctor Kate Spencer is doing her best – her best to cope with being widowed, her best to be a good doctor, her best to not let her tragic upbringing define her – but it’s not quite working. Wearing her husband's ring on a chain around her neck, and a handgun on her hip, she navigates her life which is simple and full of hard work – just the way she likes it. Until she and Simon come to be friends, and she realizes she wants more.
Throw in a break-in, Simon’s hard work to move past his dependence on alcohol, and a stalker from the past, Heart Of Gold is an emotional read.

Quinn Coleridge has compiled a story steeped in loss, grief, and the tentative hope that resonates with anyone who has dared to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Delving into the depths of addiction, abuse, and healing while maintaining a genuinely wholesome and heartwarming romance is a great achievement. With characters like Kate and Simon, the reader is left wondering about them long after they’ve put the book down. Romance readers with a soft spot for wholesome vibes, real connection, and lovable characters will enjoy Heart of Gold, the first installation of The City Of Roses Series.

An emotional romance with characters you want to know, Quinn Coleridge’s Heart Of Gold is a real page-turner.