Editorial Review: Operation Storm’s Eye By E. S. Benton

Editorial Review: Operation Storm’s Eye By E. S. Benton

Alpha Team is an elite group with a unique role to play, but when a devastating blow strikes at their heart, they are forced to push themselves like never before against a weapon they can hardly believe.

When a series of natural disasters strikes at the worst possible time, and their enemies seem to always be several moves ahead, Alpha Team begins to delve into the reasons why. What they find is unbelievable. Their organization exists entirely in the shadows, with their strings being pulled by the top one percent of the one percent.

Each member has a meticulously maintained life on the surface, all made possible by an immense logistical support network. However, what happens when they actually go to work is another matter entirely – assassinations, global plots, and mind-blowing technologies. When a dying man says something that sounds crazy, the best practice is to chalk it up to the fact that he’s dying. In this case, though, it seems like he might know what he’s talking about.

Each character is introduced in a unique way, showcasing their distinct skills and backgrounds, yet all have come together in the organization for a reason. The family each of them has found within the structure of their organization and units adds a layer of interpersonal conflict and intrigue. Benton has managed to create a large cast of individuals who interact and bounce off each other well. Their mix of banter and loyalty will be familiar to anyone who has experienced this kind of structured social setting and the bonds it can create.

As the first installment in The Silent Codename series, Operation Storm’s Eye is a great example of drawing readers into an interesting world with compelling characters they’ll want to follow. Operation Storm’s Eye is a true action read, and fans of high-stakes adventure will enjoy the world E. S. Benton has created.

A high-octane thriller with a fantastic hero team and an engaging premise that draws the reader in from page one.