Editorial Review: Shoreseeker by Brandon M. Lindsay

Editorial Review: Shoreseeker by Brandon M. Lindsay

Tharadis, warden of Naruvieth, has a duty to protect all those in his city not only from the legendary sheggam but also from the other threats that the Runeway can carry from beyond Andrin’s Wall.

The Accord lands beyond the Rift hold many more dangers for Naruvieth than Tharadis is willing to risk, in order to stop the Council of the Wall from completing the bridge between their worlds – he must first cross over it. The Rift stands impenetrably high, even birds cannot cross it, and came into existence as the final brick of Andrin’s Wall was completed – setting the magic alight and snapping the rift into reality. Slicing and isolating Naruvieth from the rest of the Sutherlands, the rift also kept them safe for six centuries, but now with the Runeway close to completion and strangers arriving more frequently their isolated safety is no more. When Dransig, a knight who accesses sheggam magic, appears in Naruvieth fleeing from his former brethren he brings with him a threat.

Which is the last thing Tharadis needs, as he has just become the object of a prophecy written in blood – and the Patterner assures him that it can only be about him – on the eve of his journey across the Rift to Garoshmir.

The story that follows is an intense one, with multiple arcs and converging storylines that Brandon M. Lindsay manages to keep remarkably well organized and understandable. This is a truly dark epic fantasy, though the level of gore fluctuates it is never excessive nor do the action scenes overwhelm the plot. While the story itself is engaging, the character development and voice deserve a special mention. Each character is well crafted and individual, with a notable standout being that of Nina. Writing children is notoriously difficult, but Brandon M. Lindsey has succeeded in creating a believable and likable 8-year-old caught up in problems and schemes of the adult world. Like the rest of the world, the magic systems of Shoreseeker are vividly built and planned, adding a layer of intrigue for the reader who can’t help but want to know more.

Readers of epic and dark fantasy will enjoy this book; the writing is descriptive and expressive while remaining easy to read. It is a multifaceted plot that draws the reader in and compels them to continue reading with brilliantly constructed and developed characters.

Shoreseeker is an unenviable tale of magic, monsters, and prophecy but it is also a story of humanity and politics – Brandon M. Lindsay has created a complex masterpiece to be read and re-read.

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