Editorial Review: The Tome of Syyx: The Fateful Force Book 1 by Stavros Saristavros

Editorial Review: The Tome of Syyx: The Fateful Force Book 1 by Stavros Saristavros

Meeting our brave adventurers - Osho, Ailuros, Akke and Zom – in the middle of a guarding mission everything seems to be going just fine but when orcs attack and the leader doesn’t bleed, they know darker things are on the way...

Osho, Ailuros, Akke, and Zom are thrown together in fighting against the forces that threaten the frontier town of Sanctuary. The ambitious, or foolish in the opinion of some, Sanctuary provides a safe haven for many outcasts who are looking to leave their past or their society behind. This is a place where half-orcs, panthor, humans, and goblins can live freely, but the Warchief Kurig and his armies have other ideas.

From what seems like a simple enough, though still ultimately dangerous, a mission to the entirely unexpected and much, much, more dangerous discovery of the true depth and darkness of the adversaries they face – they are going to need to learn to trust in each other if they are to succeed, and as it turns out the Warchief isn’t the end of the adventurers, or Sanctuary’s, worries.

Obsessed cultists who don’t bleed, orcs, dragons, elves, and goblins fill this story to the brim with fantastical characters and provide ample challenge for the four warriors to overcome.

From the very first adventure, we meet Osho, Ailuros, Akke and Zom on - and throughout the story, the four main characters are wildly engaging and well developed. Each of them has their own unique voice and personality that leaps from the page – the reader is immediately drawn in by these complex and brilliantly likable creations.

Fans of the whole LitRPG genre, Dungeons and Dragons, and fantasy fans will find something to love here – and even those who are not well versed in these subjects can find a wonderful introductory experience of them in The Tome of Syyx.

The Tome of Syyx (The Fateful Force Book 1) is an adventure story by and large, but the fantastic friendships and arcs of the characters created by Stavros Saristavros bring it to life.