Editorial Review: Wardens by Jonathan Staten

Editorial Review: Wardens by Jonathan Staten

Jansen Harrison’s life was pretty average; working a series of boring jobs and cage fighting for cash until an unknown man shows up and changes everything with one fact – Jansen’s father didn’t die ten years ago; he took a job.

After discovering that his father died only three years ago, despite attending his funeral a decade before, Jansen agrees to meet this mysterious stranger to get some answers. The abandoned garage doesn’t give him much hope, but the discussion inside turns everything he knows on its head. His father was a Warden; a highly trained member of a group of military specialists who don’t technically exist and whose job it is to protect not just a country or territory but the galaxy. This special team is based on Mars and travels intergalactically to ensure the safety of everyone, using special powers called Augurs.

It is now Jansen’s turn to become a Warden, to take up his father’s place and his father’s Augur, but that isn’t all. Jansen and the team need to train quickly, to prepare themselves to fight for the whole dimension. Victus murdered Jansen’s father but that was only a means to an end, he will stop at nothing to achieve his true aims – no death toll too high, no action too heinous. A fantastic antagonist, Victus is more than an evil madman – he is the representation of choices, actions, and consequence. Following Jansen and his new team on their quest to protect the dimension from Victus, we see the team develop into a family.

The overall tone of this story is surprisingly introspective. Yes, there are plenty of blood-filled action scenes, but there is also genuine consideration of human folly and resilience. Jonathan Staten has created a brilliantly multifaceted world, with an interesting system of augmentation and intelligent technological advances. The fight scenes and action sequences are phenomenal, written with a good understanding of combat but maintaining the right amount of sci-fi excess.

Wardens Complete Victus Saga is a fun and entertaining piece of sci-fi epic drama. There is a good balance of universe saving and interpersonal conflict, with neither suffering from the inclusion of the other. Fans of sarcasm and humor will enjoy the dialogue while sci-fi fans will enjoy the overall plot, the characters are well built and really bring Staten’s world to life.

A real page-turner, Wardens Complete Victus Saga is a fantastic example of storytelling that will hook you from the start and won’t let go until the last page.