Fantasy Heist Novels Like Six of Crows

Fantasy Heist Novels Like Six of Crows

Whether things go like clockwork or the plan fails spectacularly due to unforeseen circumstances, readers have always enjoyed a good heist story. It is not a genre that is loved by the critics as much as detective stories, but this has never stopped readers. From teams of misfits to lonesome master thieves, the stakes are always high in heist novels and half the fun is seeing how the elaborate plan unfolds or implodes. A great heist can also transcend any genre, which is why you'll find them in fantasy, science fiction and everywhere in between. A recent example of a great fantasy themed heist novel is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It's the tale of an infamous thief, Kaz "Dirtyhands" Brekker, who recruits a crew of misfits to take on a dangerous mission. If you are a fan of shady characters risking all for daring plans involving lots of loot, then check out the following fantasy heist novels like Six of Crows.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

by Fritz Leiber

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber

No list of fantasy heist novels would be complete without the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. This dynamic duo consists of a tall northern barbarian, named Fafhrd, and his small, thieving partner, the Gray Mouser. Both of them are rogues who have no qualms selling their services to the highest bidder. The first volume of stories, which includes Swords and Deviltry, Swords Against Death, and Swords in the Mist, features a number of short stories chronicling how the two met and many of the daring heists they engaged in.

Skin Game

by Jim Butcher

Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Skin Game by Jim Butcher is the 15th book in the Dresden Files series, but also a great fantasy heist novel on its own. The stakes are also pretty high as Harry Dresden is tasked with nothing less than breaking into a vault that belongs to Hades, Lord of the Underworld. To make matters worse for Harry, he is joined on this heist by a group of villains that are led by one of his most despised enemies, Nicodemus Archleone. This means that Harry has to watch his own back at all times because he knows Nicodemus is unlikely to let the group survive the heist even if they are successful.

Theft of Swords

by Michael J Sullivan

Theft or Swords by Michael J Sullivan

Theft of Swords is the first book in the Riyria Revelations series by Michael J Sullivan. It follows the adventure of Royce Melborn and his partner Hadrian Blackwater as they hire out their services to conspiring nobles. It made for a good living until their latest heist, which is to secure a famed sword. The heist appears simple enough but spirals out of control when they are framed for the murder of the king. The two eventually become involved in a conspiracy that places their lives in even greater danger when the true stakes are revealed.

The Holver Alley Crew

by Marshall Ryan Maresca

The Holver Alley Crew by Marshall Ryan Maresca

The Holver Alley Crew by marshall Ryan Maresca is the first book in the Streets of Maradaine series. Brothers Asti and Verci Rynax attempt to go legit by setting up a shop in their old neighborhood. The two yearn for a simple and honest life, but fate has different plans for them when their home, shop, and means of income are all destroyed by the Holver Alley Fire. What is worse, they have looming debt to pay back, which forces them to attempt a simple carriage heist. The brothers build up a crew from other victims of the fire, but then they discover that instead of an accident the inferno that destroyed their livelihoods was actually planned. Burning for revenge, the crew of amateurs and washouts set their sights on those responsible for the fire.

Steal the Sky

by Megan O'Keefe

Steal the Sky by Megan O'Keefe

The target for the heist in Steal the Sky by Megan O'Keefe is a gorgeous airship. The thieves, Detan Honding and his companion, Tibs, picked the airship because they need to make a quick escape from the oasis city of Aransa. It would seem that their cons in the city have drawn the ire of the elite, which necessitates their quick escape. Unfortunately, the act of stealing the airship, which belongs to the exiled commodore Thratia, becomes more complicated when a face changer begins murdering members of the Aransa government. This results in paranoia as well as a sudden power vacuum, which Thratia is is eager to use against the Empire. All of this does not bode well for Detan, who worries about his own dangerous secret getting revealed amidst all the turmoil.

California Bones

by Greg van Eekhout

California Bones by Greg van Eekhout

California Bones is the first book in the Daniel Blackland series by Greg van Eekhout. The protagonist, Daniel Blackland, is a petty thief who lives in Los Angeles under a forged identity. When he was only twelve years old, Daniel watched his father, a powerful magician named Sebastian, get killed by the Hierarch of Southern California. Daniel is trying to put his criminal past behind him, but his crime-boss uncle convinces him to perform a heist. Daniel agrees as it involves breaking into the Hierarch's storehouse of magical artifacts and retrieving the sword that once belonged to Sebastian. The job is too big for Daniel alone, though, so in typical heist fashion, he brings in some of his closest friends from the underworld.