Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories by K.

Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories by K.

A rich and diverse story collection that will leave readers with much food for thought.

“Love is the most revolutionary of all acts”.

Which comes first in a good story, the characters or the narrative? In the case of K.’s Resistance, Revolution & Other Love Stories, both are given equal importance, to outstanding effect.

The overarching theme of this book is love, in various manifestations. Aside from that singular common thread, the stories are unique standalone works, each with its own merits. Despite the sheer diversity of material that makes this book beguiling from a review standpoint, an appraisal of the overall quality of the work holds no such complexity.

At times the stories are poetically allegorical or mythological, or dark and brooding, at times futuristic and clinical, and there’s even some comedy lurking in the mix. Regardless of the setting, each story is consistently original and told from an insightful and empathetic perspective.

Some of the stories open with quotations, either from the author, the protagonist, or from a notable literary work or speech, that provide a glimpse of what’s to come. Other stories dive straight into the action, which takes place in settings including a present-day local shopping mall, Earth in 2073, a tech conference in Calgary, the halls of Hades, an Iraq warzone, and Crimea in 1876. The pages that follow are crammed with nuanced explorations of societal and political power dynamics playing out within worlds that sometimes blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The reader is invited throughout to reflect on the potential of people to change their worlds by opening their hearts and adjusting their mindsets.

The overall writing is absolute top-tier, and the language is masterful. The author demonstrates a polished versatility across an impressively diverse range of genres, styles, eras, perspectives, worlds, and themes. The often deceptively easy-going writing style contrasts with and beautifully compliments the complex narrative developments. K is definitely one to watch.

Original and thought-provoking ideas about love in all its forms, woven into well-constructed and layered tales featuring highly developed characters, make this collection a gratifying and unexpectedly inspirational read.

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FEATURED AUTHOR - Ramon is a self-published author of Metaphysical Sci-fi, who was born and raised in NYC and is the son of Dominican immigrants. He now lives in Japan. His 1st book (Scratching the Cosmic Conscious) was published in 2012. United Earth series, part 1 was published in 2015 (Rough Beginnings) in 2017 (Exiled), and in 2021 (Despair & Hope). As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about his book, Rough Beginnings.