Ten free Non-Fiction Books for Learning Unusual Skills part two

Ten free Non-Fiction Books for Learning Unusual Skills part two

The first part of our Ten Free Non-Fiction Books For Learning Unusual Skills covered everything from taming and training wild and vicious horses to bee hunting, home taxidermy and dueling. However, as can be seen in this second part, there are many, many more unusual skills just waiting to be unlocked through free non-fiction eBooks. From muskrat trapping to perfumery and clairvoyance, the skills taught by the following books are sure to impress everyone around you.

The Accomplished Muskrat Trapper: A Book on Trapping for Amateurs

by Arno Erdman Schmidt

Have you ever had the urge to become a muskrat trapper, but don’t know where to start? Well, this 1922 book by Arno Erdman Schmidt claims to be aimed at guiding amateurs to great success. It contains some interesting information about these musky critters along with various methods of trapping them for their fur. In fact, it even describes how to create your own decoys using the glands you can harvest from the muskrats you catch. However, before going out to test your newfound muskrat trapping skills, it is important to also read up about the trapping regulations for your state as they probably contain more up to date information than this book.

Tea-Cup Reading, and the art of Fortune-Telling

by Tea Leaves by A Highland Seer

Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art of Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves is an excellent resource for anyone that has ever been frustrated by their inability to see what the future holds simply by staring at the bottom of their tea cup. You can ensure that your tea time will never be the same after studying the techniques and rules that are explained in this book. It covers everything from an introduction to this art to ritual and methods of using the teacup as well as general principles to be observed when reading the cup. Seeing as the book is more than 100 years old at this point, some of the information might be a little dated, but still very interesting. The author is also listed as “A Highland Seer,” so you get all the information straight from an expert in the field.

How to Read the Crystal

by Walter Gorn Old

If reading tea leaves sounds a little too mundane for your liking, then this book about reading the crystal might be a bit more exciting. However, you don’t have to spend money on anything as lavish as a crystal as the author also claims that the techniques described in this book work when using a mirror or dish of water. Unfortunately, it is probably best not to get too excited about being able to see visions of the past, present of future. Apparently there is a price to pay for this new skill and it can range from loss of memory and hysteria to illusions, hallucinations, and much worse.

 The art of Perfumery and Methods of Obtaining the Odors of Plants

by G.W. Septimus Piesse

These days almost every celebrity has their own signature perfume range that can sell for astounding prices. With this 1857 book by G. W. Septimus Piesse you can save some cash and create your own perfumes. It starts with an introduction and some history of perfumes before delving into methods for obtaining the odors. The book doesn’t just cover the creation of perfumes either, but also scented powders, perfumed soaps and much more. The author was actually an English perfumer, so he definitely knows a thing or two about the subject and, as an added bonus, he also knew how to write in an engaging manner. Although quite old at this point, this book still contains a lot of valuable information and even if you have no intention of extracting odors from plants, it still offers some fascinating information.

All About the Klondyke Gold Mines

by J. G. Pratt and J. Armoy Knox

This 1897 book about the Klondyke gold mines contains a wealth of information about the region, how to get there and what you might find. Unfortunately, anyone reading the book in this day and age is more than 100  years too late to take part in the Klondyke Gold Rush. Nevertheless, it offers some fascinating insights about what the miners who did head to the region went through. Everything from the cost of living in Dawson to the climate and what to pack for the journey, along with other useful information, is laid out in the book. In fact, the book is so in-depth that they even have information from a woman who “has been there” about how many pairs of underwear to take along!

Tom Strelich - A Hilarious Dystopian Read
FEATURED AUTHOR - Strelich was born into a family of professional wrestlers and raised in Bakersfield, California, and his writing career began on a dare from a theatre director. Strelich has written multiple award-winning plays, and has one screen credit, Out There (Showtime). His novels include, Dog Logic (loosely based on the play -- same setting, same characters, epically different story) and Water Memory (Dog Logic sequel). As our Author of the Day, Strelich tells us all about Water Memory.