Over the years fantasy and science fiction authors have come up with a myriad of terrifying adversaries for their heroes to face. From aliens to zombies and other supernatural or paranormal threats there is no shortage of antagonists in these genres.
Two cousins, closer than sisters, plan to grow up and marry two brothers (or maybe two very close cousins) so they can keep sharing everything.
Turtledove is not the only author who has drawn on the well-known myths and legends of Atlantis for his book. The fictional island has inspired numerous films, comic books, and novels, all with their own interpretations of the legends. This means that there are plenty of other books like Opening Atlantis for fans of the "lost continent" to enjoy.
In a desperate flight across the land to find a cure for the arcane plague, Volke is isolated from the Frith Guild and is now reliant on the Sun Chaser airship and its questionable crew to help him.
As the world continues to reel from COVID-19 and the media continue to bombard everyone with bad news it's no wonder that books remain a popular pastime. Fortunately, there was no shortage of good books for our readers to pass the time last month.
Science fiction fans who enjoy fast-paced stories that are filled with likable characters, action-packed scenes and plenty of interesting tech will love The Spark Anomaly.  
Recent years have seen more female assassins grace the big screens in action movies, but women have long been excelling as covert operatives and assassins in literature.
The first in a series, Vestige: Rise of The Pureblood tells the story of Sinopa – a 17-year-old changeling in search of her past, who will do whatever it takes to discover her family and prove h
The Trojan War from Greek mythology has been the basis for numerous films, novels, and other adaptations. Everyone is familiar with Achilles, Agamemnon, and the invasion of Troy by the Greek army where they battle the Trojan army.
An emotionally wrought personal retelling of the centuries that have passed since his creation as told to Enoch by Adam – the first man of this world. 
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