Even before movies like the psychological thriller Black Swan were released, plenty of novels explored the darker side of being a ballerina.
Plenty of stories pit humans against all manner of monsters, but for many readers, the most thrilling ones feature dinosaurs.
Valerie Hawthorne, a university lecturer and writer, finds herself at a crossroads after discovering her husband's betrayal - something that will permanently change her world.
Everyone has had a job at some point that they hated but had to endure for the money. Often, these jobs involve sitting in a claustrophobic cubicle doing mind-numbing work while having to deal with incompetent bosses and backstabbing co-workers.
For most people, October is about Halloween and candy, but our readers know a good book or two is also essential for this month. These are the best books among the different categories that our readers have been treating themselves to during the month of October. 
Halloween is for everyone, but children in particular enjoy the spooky season the most. The best part of Halloween is the candy, trick or treating, and decorations, but it is also the perfect time to curl up with a suspenseful book or two to get into the spirit of it all.
Joshua Triplow is just an average kid living in Corona, California, but like the rest of the children in the area, he is plagued by a recurring nightmare of a man in black.
Modern authors’ versions of Jane Austen’s classic plots and characters can be really enjoyable. Sometimes dedicated fans of Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility just want to see more of these beloved favorite characters.
 In her novel, The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, Jenny Wingfield wrote that “September showed up right on schedule, and lasted a whole month.” While September has unfortunately come and gone, our readers made the most of this month by reading as many amazing books as
Ben, Louisa, Abu, and the Thirteenth Bengal Lancers continue their adventures on the planet of Aaru while searching for a way back home to Earth.