In the second installment, Cameron "Jet" Shipley continues his journey through the post-apocalyptic world following the life-altering events of the invasion and subsequent months.
Craig Herbert's life is turned upside down when the simple task of finding and signing a guest to the TV show he's the executive field producer for turns into a wild pursuit of the truth. 
From Sherlock Holmes to Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, readers just can't get enough of fictional detectives and their thrilling exploits.
Ernest Kemp arrives in the small town of Hallowell, Maine, as an outsider looking for his wife and baby daughter but discovers that the place holds much darker secrets than he ever expected.
In fiction, women are typically portrayed as kind, caring, and nurturing, but plenty of authors have turned this stereotype on its head. Whether by circumstances or out of free will, these women are not afraid to get their hands bloody.
 Plenty of books have already been receiving adaptations as full-length films or television shows this year.
Every month brings new opportunities to read great books, and March is no exception. From romance and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction, there are plenty of genres to choose from and some incredible titles to get lost in.
The realm is in more danger than ever before and Hailo has not finished his training – but destiny doesn’t care if he’s ready or not and the time for action is now.
Finding true love is difficult enough, but things can be even more challenging when one person is a famous celebrity and the other an ordinary person.
Virtual reality becomes a little too real when players of the Lands of Might and Magic end up murdered in real life after their characters are killed in-game.