Wade Garrison’s Promise is an exceptional Western novel, so God’s Coffin had pretty big boots to fill, but thankfully Richard Greene does not disappoint.
In the first part of this article, we looked at some novels like The Sky Is Falling that explores the various ways in which mankind deals with threats from outer space.
A mystery from half a century ago presents itself to Sean Gray in the form of a letter from the doomed SS Princess Sophia which sank in 1918. What follows is a fast-paced and fun tale of sailing, pirates, and buried treasure.
Last year might not have lived up to expectations, but it did give a lot of people more time to read. Even people who were not avid readers turned to books as a way to pass time and relieve the anxieties of reality.
Agatha Christie described And Then There Were None as one of her most difficult books to write, but her hard work certainly paid off. None only is it the world's best-selling mystery novel, but also one of the best-selling books of all time.
The main plot of the comedic space adventure Sane Grace, by Oliver Phipps, focuses on the spread of Fellirex, a new drug with enjoyable recreational properties, leading to highly dangerous addictions.
The universe is vast and our planet is just a small blue dot in it, but that doesn't mean we are safe from the threats out there.
Jansen Harrison’s life was pretty average; working a series of boring jobs and cage fighting for cash until an unknown man shows up and changes everything with one fact – Jansen’s father didn’t die ten years ago; he took a job.
The Queen's Gambit, a 1983 novel by Walter Tevis, received renewed interest after the popular 2020 Netflix miniseries of the same name. The story of a young orphan who turns out to be a chess prodigy captivated audiences.
Black River Lantern has its fair share of blood and gore, but it is the psychological horror elements that really set it apart.
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FEATURED AUTHOR - John has delivered medical aid to orphanages and hospitals across the globe, including Romania during the revolution, South America, and Bosnia during the war. Now he has woven the tales of the extraordinary characters he met with into his thrilling novel, ‘Heartbreak’, the first novel in The Lenka Trilogy. 'Heartbreak' won the 2020 Page Turner Spectrum Award. He has written three trilogies: The 1930's based epic adventures, The Rogues Trilogy; the 1960s thrillers, The Lochran Trilogy, and now… Read more