Seeking Forgiveness by Lea Rachel is a book that once started, you will find difficult to put down.
Some actions and choices have repercussions that extend through time and can affect future generations. This is a topic that has fascinated authors and provided readers with fascinating multi-generation stories.
In the new novel Obedience: The Guild #1, by Nichole M. Willden, teenage Emma is growing up in plain sight, but in a secret society.
The Aztecs were one of the world’s most famous ancient civilizations, thanks in part to their fascinating mythologies. At its peak, the Aztec empire was vast, and its expansion was closely tied to their religious beliefs.
With an entire cast of morally grey characters, systemic prejudice, and straight-up murder this spicy dark academia read will hit the right buttons for Dramione fans as well as dark academia readers looking for something in their aesthetic but without too much heavy intell
Some people associate Halloween with horror and frights; for others, it's a relaxing time of colorful costumes, candy, and fun. The same goes for novels that use Halloween as a backdrop.
The American poet, Helen Hunt Jackson, is quoted as saying, “By all these lovely tokens, September days are here.
There’s always been something strange about best friends Orla and Molly, which is why they’ve been ostracized by many in their small town.
Jupiter has always captured the fascination of authors and readers as the largest planet in our Solar System and one of the brightest natural objects in Earth’s night sky.
Retired cowboy, Clay Moore, is living a peaceful life out in the wilds of Wyoming with his dog Baxter and his wife, Ashley.