There was a time when powers such as telepathy and telekinesis were thought to be genuine paranormal phenomena. However, these types of powers are regarded as pseudoscience in modern times due to a lack of evidence.
Xlina wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but as a dream-eater, that proves to be rather difficult. However, her priorities change when she is marked and bound by a demon. This event causes her to become an unwilling pawn in the infernal game.
As long as monarchy has been around, people have been fascinated with the lives of the royals. History is filled with accounts of the drama, intrigue, and secrets of kings, queens, and their court members.
Fewer rainy days and more sunshine drive many people outdoors during August, but that doesn't mean there's no time for reading. In fact, the lazy days of August are an excellent opportunity to soak up some sun and catch up on a bit of outdoors reading.
There is just something about the City of Las Vegas that makes it appealing to both writers and readers. Whether it is because of the mega casino-hotels, the surrounding Mojave Desert, or its title of "Sin City," there is no denying the popularity of Vegas. Hunter S.
A Girl From The Middle East, by Nada Alachkar, begins with Nora looking back on her life. At fifty, Nora has a wide collection of experiences and memories, both positive and negative, and over the course of the book, she shares these with readers.
When thrillers set on trains are mentioned, the first novel that springs to mind is Murder on the Orient Express. However, it's not the only book where the action and intrigue happen on the railway.
A genuine glimpse into another’s life, a memoir but also a call to life and a homage to all the little details that make us who we are.
While they may not have actually worn horned helmets like in Wagnerian opera, the Viking era continues to be popular among authors and readers.
Science fiction has branched off into numerous sub-genres over the years, including the very popular cyberpunk. Mixing high-tech worlds with lowlife characters was a technique used by many authors, such as William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Bruce Sterling.
Sari Gilbert - An Intriguing Story Set in 1980 in Italy
FEATURED AUTHOR - Sari Gilbert fell in love with Italy at a tender age and has been living in Rome since the 1970s when she moved there to complete her graduate studies in International Relations – she has both an M.A. and a Ph.D - and then found work there as a reporter and foreign correspondent.