Many authors use their imagination to pen tales that take the reader on a journey featuring people, places and objects not found in reality. From the deepest oceans to the furthest reaches of space, these books are filled with the weird and the wonderful.
Although not all libraries were created equal, they fulfil one very vital purpose: they bring books and culture to people all over the world. Here's a list of the weirdest, most wonderful libraries in the world.
Thanks to the imagination of skilled authors, even books set in the real world can be filled with mysteries and intrigue. However, some authors are not content with simply creating characters, but prefer to also re-imagine the world's that they inhabit.
Looking back at 2015, it was a great year in which we saw many new authors that show a lot of promise. A couple of debut novels hit the bestseller lists and we are hoping to see many more of these in 2016.
The preferred method of reading a book for many people is curled up on the sofa or in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. Let's face it, for many readers having their nose stuck in a book is much more preferable than in a flower.
The most interesting characters in literature are often the ones who are complex and have a likeable and unlikable side.
Thanks to e-readers you can read just about any book in public without getting strange glances from people looking at the cover and judging you. However, there are still a few books that you might be better off reading at home.
Based on the Amazon best sellers for 2015, it was definitely a year where kindle ebooks got a boost from Hollywood. Out of the top ten titles, four are books that were turned into movies or are in the process of being made into movies.
Here are some books that will remind you of your favorite season and make you long to once again feel the fresh spring breeze.