Sebastian Parker is a thirteen-year-old “alpha” who wants nothing more than to be a healer, but his life changes forever after joining the Academy and discovering that he is not like the other students.
Cruise Ships remain a popular choice with holiday goers who want to experience an all-in-one vacation where they can simply relax and enjoy the experience. From food and entertainment to pampering and even a chance for romance, cruise ships have retained their allure.
Not even the forces of Heaven and Hell could prevent Xlina Dar’Karrow from freeing the soul of her friend Amber from an eternity of suffering. However, the price for Amber’s resurrection is far greater than Xlina ever expected.
Another year has reached its midpoint, and as 2022 begins hurtling toward an end, many readers took it as an opportunity to get started on a new series.
Enough To Make The Angels Weep blends a historical story with modern detective fiction.
From the fear of predators, such as sharks, to the fear of being trapped underwater, there are plenty of reasons why not everyone is cut out for scuba diving.
Wingtip-wearing, lone wolf paranormal investigator, Dr. Diamondback has a history with the paranormal and now he's under pressure to assemble a team and solve these kidnappings - or face the consequences.
The samurai played an important role in Japanese history and continue to remain prominent in their popular culture thanks to their striking appearance and weapons.
A pair of treasure hunters discover more than they ever bargained for in this fast-paced, nail-biting adventure thriller.
Despite being a small nation, Ireland is known worldwide for its literature. The Emerald Isle has produced many of the greatest writers, poets, and novelists who have made an impact on literature.