Lieutenant Conor Rinn is a good person but being a soldier in an apocalyptic wasteland makes that a harder challenge than even he thought – The Silver Rain is his story of revelation, redemption, and truth.
Robin is a security expert who saved herself from a life of crime by choosing honor over family. However, after years of being estranged, the tragic death of her sister brings Robin back to her hometown.
Beauty and the Beast, the “tale as old as time,” was written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and first published in 1740. Since then, it has been the inspiration for numerous retellings and variants.
Eric is a young man destined for greatness, but on his path to success, he battles with repressed childhood trauma and the insecurities that stem from it. 
With their relentless hunger for human flesh and the ability to continue despite grievous wounds, zombies are the ultimate monsters for many people.
Rumors of an ancient relic buried in the Mátra Mountains draw the attention of the Knights Templar, who are desperate to save their order which is on the brink of destruction.
From magical beings that can grant wishes to elusive sprites that love mischief, there is no shortage of fairies in literature. These legendary creatures have had their place in storytelling since the earliest days, and the folklore around them has continued to grow.
With a third of the year already in the rearview mirror, March has been a time for many to reflect on what they’ve accomplished so far in 2023 and what still lies ahead.
Novels are great for getting a unique perspective on life from the point of view of diverse and interesting characters. However, some authors take their stories a step further by using animal protagonists.
Morrow goes from working security for a mob boss to planning his first real “job” when presented with the opportunity to steal a priceless painting. However, when everything goes wrong, Morrow finds his odds of success dwindling by the day.