In the first part of our article (insert link) we looked at novels like Catch-22, The Witcher, The Underground  Railroad, NOS4A2, and The Rook that will all receive television adaptations this year.
As entertaining as it is to see some of our favorite books on the big screen, there is rarely a way for everything to be conveyed in such a relatively short amount of time.
Patrick Rothfuss wrote The Name of The Wind in 2007 in an effort to write a fantasy book without resorting to any of the generic tropes of the genre.
If January is anything to go by, then 2019 is going to be a great year for readers. There are already plenty of stellar books out for all genres and plenty more to come this year. If you have no idea which books to get next, then take a look at all the options below.
Witches and witchcraft have fascinated, mystified and terrified people through the ages. Marion Gibson is Professor of Renaissance and Magical Literatures at Exeter University and works on witches, magic, paganism and the supernatural in literature.
Readers can forgive a lot of things if they find a novel interesting or entertaining, but bad grammar is not one of them. This is why many authors make use of copy editors to ensure that there are no grammatical errors present in their novels.
Although Wonder is a children's novel, the topics that it tackles, such as self acceptance and overcoming adversity are universal.
It has already been established that books make for great source material when it comes to movies and there are plenty of blockbusters that can back up this fact.
Each new year means that a slew of new movies will be hitting the big screen and these days the chances are that a lot of them will be based on books.
Milk and Honey, the poetry collection by Rupi Kaur, was released back in 2014, but it still remains a powerful example of the strength as well as courage of women.