For many readers, August is the perfect opportunity to catch up on reading before all the hustle and bustle that comes with the final quarter of the year fully sets in.
Bryn still has dreams, even if she had to ship them from UCLA to Las Vegas to save her own life. Case isn’t allowed dreams, he only has his pre-law coursework and a desk waiting for him at the family firm.
Many of the most popular anime shows or Japanese graphic novels are in the “Isekai” genre, which sees the protagonist being reincarnated in another world. However, what many fans might not know is that most of these started out as light novels.
The Second World War was a dark and terrible time in human history filled with plenty of horror.
Vengefully Yours, by J. Rose Black, is a collection of six short stories, with a darkly romantic feel throughout the book.
While some individuals grapple with an unhealthy fear of mirrors, a condition known as Eisotrophobia, even those without this phobia can occasionally experience a sense of unease around these reflective surfaces.
Sons of the Empire opens with a Master Assassin named Caltris completing an assassination, but in an uncharacteristic act, sparing the lives of a woman and her child.
Women in vampire fiction are often portrayed as hapless victims who cannot resist the charms of unread creatures who want to feast on their blood. However, there are also authors who eschew this trope by featuring female vampires as the protagonists of their books.
Many role-playing video games have drawn inspiration from classic fantasy stories, particularly those by J.R.R. Tolkien. However, the LitRPG genre has reversed this trend by featuring fantasy or even science fiction stories with role-playing game elements.
Daia is a young woman on the cusp of becoming the Commander of the Forces, a coveted position that requires her to protect her fellow citizens and ensure justice for her people.