Brad Carlson brings us another thrilling novel in The Gambit Series.
A fast-paced and brutal story made complete by depth of character and excellent twists.
The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch has been described as everything from Inception meets True Detective to Silence of the Lambs meets Interstellar, which is high praise indeed.
The start of a new year is always a great opportunity for new beginnings, which includes trying out some new books. A lot of our readers clearly made it their new year's resolution to read more books this year and judging by this list they are off to a good start.
In the first part of our article, we looked at books like The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Artemis Fowl, The Turn of the Screw, Death on the Nile and others that are in the process of hitting the big screen this year.
Whether things go like clockwork or the plan fails spectacularly due to unforeseen circumstances, readers have always enjoyed a good heist story. It is not a genre that is loved by the critics as much as detective stories, but this has never stopped readers.
Last year ended on a high note with plenty of great books to keep our readers entertained as they entered a new decade. The last month of 2019 offered plenty of great choices for all of the most popular genres.
A young priest is murdered in the Vatican, a researcher sneaks into the archives to see a heretical document, and there’s a suicide bomber at the Pieta. Is there a connection?
Numerous bestselling novels were turned into movies last year and some of them were box office success stories while others left fans disappointed. There were also a few films that were supposed to come out in 2019 that has now been pushed back to 2020 for various reasons.
The Dutch House by Ann Patchett is a 2019 novel with a story that spans multiple decades. The title refers to a mansion that is located in Pennsylvania, which served as a home to the Conroy family in the novel.
Odellia Firebird - An Engaging Fantasy With a Positive Worldview
FEATURED AUTHOR - Author of the Book series "Tyal the Daughter of Flames", Odellia has written and bootstrap-produced two indie movies. Both her book series and indie movies "A Page in the Saga" and "The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One" can be found on Amazon. Odellia is an artist versed in multiple, inter-connected arts including drawing, writing, crafting and video. Born idealist, she dreams of a world where everyone is judged by the content of their character, rather than their gender or cultural… Read more