Hollywood is no stranger to mining the literary world for ideas, but they are by no means the only ones. Some stories just lend themselves better to the small screen, which is why there are also plenty of television shows inspired based on books. Unfortunately, not all of these television shows turned out to be the hits that the authors might have hoped for, but there are a few that managed to become popular. Here is a selection of books that went on to inspire television shows that are actually worth binge watching.
Books can undoubtedly entertain, but they can also teach us a lot of new things. However, some books can do more than just expand our knowledge. After reading these books and applying their principles to your life you can potentially do things that you might have thought previously were impossible. Here are just five of these remarkable books that can teach you skills that will leave you feeling like you have gained a new superpower.
Movie fans will have noticed that films appear to be getting longer, but this is not a unique phenomena. The average length of books has also steadily been creeping up through the years. There are a couple of theories on why this may be happening. While the rise in ebooks, and the convenience they offer,  have certainly contributed to the trend, there are a few other possibilities as to why books are getting longer.
Some authors are able to open up the creative floodgates and write almost nonstop until their books are finished. Unfortunately, there are also times when authors just can’t seem to finish writing a book, much to the dismay of fans.
Every new year comes with new opportunities to start over fresh along with new resolutions to keep. However, if you are a bibliophile, then it also means there are a selection of new books to look forward to. 2016 was a great year for authors and their fans, and there is no reason to believe that 2017 will be any different. Just take a look at these highly anticipated books that you will be able to add to your library next year.
Books are no strangers to receiving movie adaptations. Some of them are fairly faithful to their source material, while others merely use the books as their inspiration. Both the Lord of the Rings as well as Hobbit trilogies are based on books.
Do you feel like getting into the spirit of Christmas, but are unsure about what books to read over this festive season? Well you are in luck, as this time of the year it is also common to find Christmas themed books bundled together at a great discount price.
Narrowing down exactly what the oldest preserved books in the world are is something that is a little tricky, even for scholars. This is because there are a lot of debates about what actually constitutes as a book. For example, do clay tablets or scrolls count?
Even if money is tight there is no excuse to miss out on some great reading material. This is because many eBooks are available completely free.
Thanks to the invention of computers with keyboards, authors are able to finish books much faster than what was possible back in the day when everything was written longhand. However, there are a couple of authors who still prefer doing things the old way.