Putting on some nice background music and relaxing with a good book is one of the simple pleasures in life. As long as you choose music that isn’t distracting it can make the experience a lot more enjoyable.
While it might be hard to reach a consensus about just what makes a book a cult classic, you’ll definitely know that you have read one after turning the final  page.
Without a good hook, a story might seem boring or long winded before it has even properly begun. However, some authors tend to take things to the extreme by opening their books with lines that are a little unusual.
Authors spend months or even years working on their books, but once done, it is out of their hands and into the hands of the public. Sometimes fans interpret the books in different ways than the author intended or feel like the author owes them more than what was delivered.
Feeling heartbroken or depressed? Are you experiencing loss? The good news is that there is a book for every heartbreak: books can dim the pain with humor, provide hope in a happy ending or just make you feel like you are not alone.
There is something very unsettling about discovering that all is not well with the narrator of the book that you are reading. In some books, the narration duties fall to one of the main characters, while in others a third party tells the story.
Anyone still waiting for their own flying car or personal teleportation device will know that the future predictions by science fiction authors don't always arrive in a timely fashion or at all.
One of the advantages of being an author is that you can invent your own characters and the worlds that they inhabit. However, all of these characters must then be named as well, which is something that certain authors are better at than others.
The Disdain From People Who Stick To Paper There is nothing more annoying than people who only consider you a “real” book lover if you have shelves that are overflowing with real books.
Not all authors get along.