H.P. Lovecraft died in poverty at the age of 46 but has since gained the recognition that eluded him during his lifetime.
The last thing a Jesuit priest named Michael Dominic expected when he started working at the Secret Archives of the Vatican was to chance upon a hidden papyrus that could change the fate of Christianity forever.
Stephen King published his third novel, The Shining, in 1977 and it quickly cemented his reputation in the horror genre. It took the haunted house genre to new heights by setting the story in an isolated historic hotel in the Colorado Rockies.
The Music Box, by Bekezela Broscius, is a story of fifth-grade friendships and class bullies in Zimbabwe.
It wouldn't bee an exaggeration to say that many people would like to put 2020 behind them and start fresh with a new year. However, there are still a few months left and our readers have been putting them to good use by immersing themselves in good books.
Marilia, The Warlord is a brilliantly written tale of both grand and personal history, of rivalry and family, of perceived fate and innate destiny.
Bel Canto, the 2001 novel by Ann Patchett, won numerous awards and also received an opera as well as a film adaptation. While the story is based on the Japanese embassy hostage crisis one of the central themes of the novel is music.
Only Our Destiny by A. G. Russo takes readers through the tragedies and setbacks of one Italian family from the small fishing village of Punto Roccioso.
It's undeniable that there is something about ancient Egypt that continues to lure in both authors and readers. From pharaohs and pyramids to tombs and curses, it's a setting that is rich with intriguing elements.
Dreamers of Andalon is not only a superb introduction to this incredible world, but has enough character development and plot twists to keep readers hooked to the very last page.
Susan Cory - Mystery and Distinctive Characters Form a Remarkable Tale
FEATURED AUTHOR - Susan Cory is an award-winning residential architect in Cambridge, Ma. She has a brown belt in karate. Her mystery series, beginning with CONUNDRUM, features Iris Reid, also a Cambridge architect, as an amateur sleuth trying to uncover a murderer at her Harvard reunion. FACADE, finds Iris drawn into a kidnapping scheme while teaching at Harvard. DOPPELGANGER, the third book in the series, features an obsessed con artist who implicates Iris in a crime, then tries to take over her life. In… Read more