John Irving published his seventh novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany, in 1989 and it went on to become one of his all-time bestselling novels according to his publisher.
Broomstick, by A.L. Hawke, is a dramatic supernatural mystery, revealing the secrets and twists in a campus coven.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people to practice social distancing and self-isolation in April, which meant more time for reading. More readers turned to their favorite genres as a way to get away from all the stress and worries surrounding them.
There's nothing as engrossing as a good legal thriller and The Holdout by Graham Moore is no exception. Many readers consider it to be one of the most gripping thrillers of recent times and it has gained enough attention that a major television series is in the works too.
When Tom Hathaway, an aspiring pilot in the 1970s, hears a mysterious voice, he steps through an archway into a different timeline. Although this new world shares all the geographical features of Tom’s world, the language, culture and history are quite different.
We've already taken a look at extended universe novels for television shows (…), but there are also other forms of
Finding a good science fiction novel that doesn't just resort to lazy cliches or established tropes can be tricky, which is why Neurotopia is such a breath of fresh air for the genre.
Thrillers have always been a firm favorite of the literary world and often it is the medical niche of the genre that grabs the most attention. Sometimes it is the fact that the stories are so grounded in reality that makes them so thrilling.
The Sigil, by Shakeil Kanish, Larissa Mandeville, and  Payge White. is a queer, diverse take on the magical-school coming-of-age fantasy story.
Arthur C. Clarke is one of the biggest names in classic science fiction and his 1973 novel Rendezvous with Rama is still one of the most exciting tales of the genre.