Standing Against the Wind by Marcus Abston, continues Annabelle’s story from Bloodlines.
Trains are not the fastest or most efficient way to travel long distances anymore, but there is still an undeniable appeal to them. Years of movies and books have ingrained the image of trains as a means of transportation where anything from romance to intrigue can happen.
Artemisia doesn’t know why she was cursed when she will transform into a monster, or who she can trust – but with the old gods returning, Artemisia knows everything is about to change.
Seraph (A Novel of the Seraph Book 1), by J.C. McKenna, is a moving urban fantasy, blending runaways and exploitation with an intriguing dreamworld.
Fiction is filled with stories of arrival and adjustment as characters either return to an unfamiliar home or try and make their home somewhere foreign to them.
For many, December means spending time with friends and family, but some also manage to sneak in some reading. Whether enjoying some light reading on the beach or a cozy novel while sipping eggnog, nothing can beat catching up on reading over the holidays.
Typically the science fiction and fantasy genres in literature couldn't be further removed from each other, but over time, authors began blurring the lines between the two.
Xlina Dar'Karrow's nightmare magic came in useful when she became an unwilling pawn in The Infernal Games, but it could not safeguard the life of her friend Amber.
Warm summer days of hiking or canoeing and evenings spent around a campfire are all part of what makes sleepaway camps so memorable to many.