Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh

Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh (R. A. Austen-Leigh)

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Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh (Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh, R. A. Austen-Leigh)

Books by Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh

Tom Lowe - Mystery-Thriller Inspired by Butterflies
FEATURED AUTHOR - Tom Lowe is a mystery-thriller author who currently writes three series. The Sean O'Brien series features Florida as a backdrop. After his wife dies of ovarian cancer, O'Brien tries to put the pieces of his life back together. His powers of observation, both in human nature and crime scenes, attracts wounded people in his direction. But his past often intersects with the present leaving a future that that's beyond his choosing. As our Author of the Day, Lowe tells us all about the latest Sean O… Read more