Anton Giulio Barrili

Anton Giulio Barrili (Antonio Giulio Barrili)

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Anton Giulio Barrili (Anton Giulio Barrili, Antonio Giulio Barrili)

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Peter D. Vast - Kidnap, Murder, Assassination Attempts, Fishing, Strange Mushrooms and Sea Monsters
FEATURED AUTHOR - Peter Vast is a middle-aged accountant with no formal training in the dark arts of writing, but don't let that put you off - I now consider myself self-taught! I love quirky, humorous, writing with a dark soul, and so that is what ends up in my books. My main influences are Douglas Adams and Stephen King. If you put them in a blender with a large helping of dark matter and a light sprinkling of my DNA, it might spit out one of my books. Or it might not. If you read something I've written, then… Read more