Anton Giulio Barrili

Anton Giulio Barrili (Antonio Giulio Barrili)

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Anton Giulio Barrili (Anton Giulio Barrili, Antonio Giulio Barrili)

Books by Anton Giulio Barrili

John Righten - Riveting Historical Thrillers
FEATURED AUTHOR - John has delivered medical aid to orphanages and hospitals across the globe, including Romania during the revolution, South America, and Bosnia during the war. Now he has woven the tales of the extraordinary characters he met with into his thrilling novel, ‘Heartbreak’, the first novel in The Lenka Trilogy. 'Heartbreak' won the 2020 Page Turner Spectrum Award. He has written three trilogies: The 1930's based epic adventures, The Rogues Trilogy; the 1960s thrillers, The Lochran Trilogy, and now… Read more