Emily Brontë

Emily Brontë (Emily Bronte, Emily Jane Brontë, Ellis Bell)

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Emily Brontë (Emily Brontë, Emily Bronte, Emily Jane Brontë, Ellis Bell)

Books by Emily Brontë

Dale E. Lehman - Murder Mystery Based on the Fibonacci Series
FEATURED AUTHOR - Dale E. Lehman writes mystery, science fiction, and occasional nonfiction. His Howard County Mystery series, set in Howard County, Maryland, includes "The Fibonacci Murders," "True Death," and "Ice on the Bay." A veteran software developer, amateur astronomer, bonsai artist in training, and member of the Baha'i Faith, his writing has appeared in "Sky & Telescope" magazine and on Medium.com. With his wife Kathleen (co-author of "Ice on the Bay"), he owns and operates the imprint Red Tales.… Read more