Charles Aubrey Ealand

Charles Aubrey Ealand (C. A. Ealand)

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Charles Aubrey Ealand (Charles Aubrey Ealand, C. A. Ealand)

Books by Charles Aubrey Ealand

Alfred Wurr - Fun, Exciting Sci-fi/fantasy Adventure
FEATURED AUTHOR - Alfred Wurr is a Canadian author, video game and software developer, computer scientist, and former Olympic wrestler.  As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about his book, Phantom Frost. Please give us a short introduction to what Phantom Frost is about. In 1983 Nevada, an amnesic snow being, haunted by visions of impending doom, must evade the government agents that hunt him. He’s got to keep a low profile and stay cool in a too-hot world as he seeks out an ancient chamber that may hold… Read more