Vaseleos Garson

Vaseleos Garson (Bill Garson, William J. Garson)

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Vaseleos Garson (Bill Garson, William J. Garson, Vaseleos Garson)

Books by Vaseleos Garson

Ray Green - Bond-like Thrillers Involving Organized Crime
FEATURED AUTHOR - Ray Green had a career spanning some 30 years in the electronics manufacturing industry. For much of that time, he was operating at Director level in several different companies, well-versed in the world of business and corporate politics. Buyout, Ray's first novel, is based on his actual experience of carrying out a management buyout. It is, however, a work of fiction. The sequel, 'Payback', charts the fortunes of the principal characters on 'Buyout' over the next few years, and 'Chinese… Read more