Hakuchō Masamune

Hakuchō Masamune (Hakucho Masamune, Tadao Masamune, 正宗白鳥)

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Hakuchō Masamune (Hakuchō Masamune, Hakucho Masamune, Tadao Masamune, 正宗白鳥)

Books by Hakuchō Masamune

Vanessa Thurgood - Elemental Magic, Love, Honor, and Family
FEATURED AUTHOR - Vanessa Thurgood didn't go to college to write, but her teachers always told her she was good at it. She even had one professor get her to sign one of her homework assignments because he thought she had written it so well. However, she chose to go into Agricultural Business and Event Planning, NOT writing. Flash forward several years, and she finds herself finally penning out the worst rough draft of what was to become The Earthspark in the dead of night. All because of a dream she'd just had.… Read more