Willard E. Hotchkiss

Willard E. Hotchkiss (Willard Eugene Hotchkiss)

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Willard E. Hotchkiss (Willard Eugene Hotchkiss, Willard E. Hotchkiss)

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J.N. Chaney - 'MechWarrior' Meets 'Gundam' in EPIC Military Sci-Fi
FEATURED AUTHOR - J. N. Chaney has a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing and fancies himself quite the Super Mario Bros. fan. When he isn’t writing or gaming, you can find him in the Renegade Readers Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jnchaneyreaders/ .  As our Author of the Day, Chaney tells us all about his book, The Messenger. Please give us a short introduction to what The Messenger is about. Dash never asked to be a mech pilot, but fate has other plans. On the run and out of chances,… Read more