Mrs. Molesworth

Mrs. Molesworth (Mary Louisa, Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth)

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Mrs. Molesworth (Mrs. Molesworth, Mary Louisa, Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth)

Books by Mrs. Molesworth

Claire Duffy - Snarky Protagonists, Dark Facts Blended With Fiction, and Suspenseful Crime-solving
FEATURED AUTHOR - Claire Duffy was a screenwriter for over a decade until she caught herself cycling past a production company and giving it the finger. She decided she didn't like the person the film industry was turning her into. Duffy quit, took a temporary job at a daycare in Stockholm, and wrote her first novel while her class of one-year-olds took their afternoon nap. Through blogging that story in daily chapters, she discovered indie publishing and never looked back.