Woislav M. Petrovitch

Woislav M. Petrovitch (Vojislav Maksim Petrović, Vojislav Maksim Petrovic)

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Woislav M. Petrovitch (Woislav M. Petrovitch, Vojislav Maksim Petrović, Vojislav Maksim Petrovic)
ZGottlieb - Writing Riveting Sci-Fi Adventures
FEATURED AUTHOR - Z Gottlieb was born in Texas and lived all over the world, literally. She joined the Navy after college and retired after a number of years. As our Author of the Day, Gottlieb chats about her latest book, Connor's Gambit, UFO sightings and why she loves writing Sci-Fi. Please give us a short introduction to what Connor's Gambit is about. Connor’s Gambit is a story of a man in his late twenties, who dreams of a life in space and is given an opportunity to fulfill that dream. The story begins… Read more