Edmond Privat

Edmond Privat (Edmond Théophil Privat, Edmond Theophil Privat)

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Edmond Privat (Edmond Privat, Edmond Théophil Privat, Edmond Theophil Privat)

Books by Edmond Privat

Dani Haviland - A Beautiful Love Story Set in the Alaskan Wilderness
FEATURED AUTHOR - Determined to get her story published, Dani Haviland jumped into the newly discovered ocean of self-publishing in 2011 and has been surfing it ever since, having reached USA Today Bestselling author twice in the last three years. Although she grew up in Arizona, Dani now splits her time between Alaska and Oregon, writing, publishing, and promoting while claiming to be 'retired.' As our Author of the Day, Haviland tells us all about her book, One Arctic Summer Please give us a short… Read more