Sir Younghusband Francis Edward

Sir Younghusband Francis Edward (Frank E. Younghusband, Sir Francis Edward Younghusband)

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Sir Younghusband Francis Edward (Sir Younghusband Francis Edward, Frank E. Younghusband, Sir Francis Edward Younghusband)

Books by Sir Younghusband Francis Edward

Austen Rodgers - Ferocious Heroines, Ancient Mythologies, and High Magic
FEATURED AUTHOR - Austen Rodgers is a science fiction and fantasy author living his best (and only) life in Waterloo, Iowa. He spends his free time painting miniatures for D&D and dabbles with fantasy maps of his own creation. In 2015 he published his apocalyptic novel The Book of a Few, and earned his BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2016. In 2019 he launched the first two books in my fantasy series, The Flame Seer and The Fire’s Scar, and completed the Crystal Mythos trilogy with The… Read more