Xingde Nalan

Xingde Nalan (納蘭性德)

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Xingde Nalan (Xingde Nalan, 納蘭性德)

Books by Xingde Nalan

William Staikos - An Intriguing Story Involving Pain, Isolation and Death
FEATURED AUTHOR - William Staikos is a 23-year-old Canadian writer who enjoys reading fantasy/science fiction books. There are always new incredible ideas in literature and he wants to explore those aspects in every way possible. As our Author of the Day, Staikos tells us about his latest book, Untold Deception. Please give us a short introduction to what Untold Deception is about. It's about Salan who grows up in the slums of a country known as Faslow. After his mother is wrongfully killed in the town square… Read more