Charlotte Mary Yonge

Charlotte Mary Yonge (Charlotte M. Yonge, C. M. Yonge)

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Charlotte Mary Yonge (Charlotte Mary Yonge, Charlotte M. Yonge, C. M. Yonge)

Books by Charlotte Mary Yonge

Misty Hayes - The Blood Dagger Trilogy Boxset: The Complete Series
FEATURED AUTHOR - Misty Hayes has always had a thing for escaping headfirst into fantastical books. This is what led her to start writing her own adventures down. As someone who has spent a long career in law enforcement, Misty has a love for strong female protagonists. She also directs short films and claims to have been bitten by the traveling bug (not to be mistaken for a radioactive spider). When Misty isn't filming or roaming the planet, or diving into another novel, she's spending time at home in Texas… Read more