Charlotte Mary Yonge

Charlotte Mary Yonge (Charlotte M. Yonge, C. M. Yonge)

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Charlotte Mary Yonge (Charlotte Mary Yonge, Charlotte M. Yonge, C. M. Yonge)

Books by Charlotte Mary Yonge

Jeff Wade - Taking Readers on a fun and Psychologically Stimulating Journey
FEATURED AUTHOR - Jeff Wade began his career not with writing but with story telling. Though a jovial character in person, his stories tend toward the dark side, although always edged with a glimmer of hope. He teaches Aikido and Taekwondo at his dojo, South Miami Martial Arts. He is also a gunsmith. His stories well reflect his experience in guns and hand-to-hand combat. As our Author of the Day, Wade tells us all about his latest novel Drawer #7, a suspenseful psychological thriller with a touch of sci fi to… Read more