Yung-lun Yüan

Yung-lun Yüan (袁永綸, Yonglun Yuan, Yung-lun Yuan)

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Yung-lun Yüan (Yung-lun Yüan, 袁永綸, Yonglun Yuan, Yung-lun Yuan)
William David Ellis - When Dragons Blow Into a Sleepy Texas Town
FEATURED AUTHOR - William David Ellis is a storyteller. And an award winning author. Whether it’s weaving an old narrative into an entertaining and illuminating yarn or fashioning something brand new from wisps of legend, he can tell a story. Other than that, he is the son of an English teacher, the husband of an English teacher, and the father of an English teacher. In spite of them, he occasionally punctuates. He also is a beekeeper, a blackberry farmer, and the faithful guardian a sentient German shepherd.… Read more