Zuoguanlaoren (坐觀老人, 張祖翼, Zuyi Zhang)

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Zuoguanlaoren (Zuoguanlaoren, 坐觀老人, 張祖翼, Zuyi Zhang)

Books by Zuoguanlaoren

Ica - A Book For Your Soul
FEATURED AUTHOR - Ica, the author's pseudonym, is a nickname given by his brother when he was a child. His actual name is Mihail Militaru, and he was born in Romania during the communist era. That period has affected him profoundly and formed him at the same time. The communist regime believed that religion and especially God had to be removed from people's lives. That was the teaching given at every stage of development, from kindergarten to university. Ică had to learn God's lessons negating existence, and as… Read more