African-American Studies

“Healing begins where the wound was made.” - Alice Walker

Delve deeper into the culture, politics and history of Black Americans with the fascinating genre of African-American Studies. These books can help you to deepen your understanding of those who have African ancestry and also expand your worldview.

Editor's choice

Terry Shepherd - Thriller With an Intoxicating Plot and Descriptive Prose
FEATURED AUTHOR - Terry Shepherd wrote his first short story at age eleven and was first published as a non-fiction author in 2008. He created Detective Jessica Ramirez in 2019, publishing his thriller "Chasing Vega" in 2020. When his grandchildren asked to star in their own stories, he created the "Waterford Detective" stories for his grandson and published the popular "Juliette and the Mystery Bug" series, co-authored with his wife, Colleen, when his granddaughter wondered how kids could protect themselves… Read more