“The way to write a thriller is to ask a question at the beginning, and answer it at the end.” - Lee Child

For excitement and action mixed with a healthy dose of suspense and anxiety there can only be one choice; the Thriller section. These are the books that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout and the thrills can be anything from legal, medical and romantic oriented to political, military, high-tech and much more.

Ray Green - Bond-like Thrillers Involving Organized Crime
FEATURED AUTHOR - Ray Green had a career spanning some 30 years in the electronics manufacturing industry. For much of that time, he was operating at Director level in several different companies, well-versed in the world of business and corporate politics. Buyout, Ray's first novel, is based on his actual experience of carrying out a management buyout. It is, however, a work of fiction. The sequel, 'Payback', charts the fortunes of the principal characters on 'Buyout' over the next few years, and 'Chinese… Read more