are there any novels that are like the show Primeval that aired on BBC America a few years ago?
Posted on 24th of October, 2019


It's not EXACTLY like Primeval in the sense of dinosaurs being mixed with time travel, but I really liked Dinosaur Planet by Anne McCaffrey. This was before she became synonymous with her work on the Pern series, which is a real pity as Dinosaur Planet was such a neat idea. The book is about space travels who go to this planet in the hopes of mining it for precious materials, but instead discovers that it is home to a bunch of dinosaurs. The story also features some mutineers, but it was the dinosaurs that stood out the most for me.
I remember Primeval, it was a show about "temporal anomalies" that allowed time travel. It was very much a "monster of the week" kind of show where the monsters were dinosaurs. The CGI was a bit ropey, but the show was enjoyable enough for what it was. The most obvious novel to suggest would be Jurassic Park, but chances are you've already seen the movie and read the books by now as it is very popular. A lesser known book I would suggest is the "Thunder" series by James F. David. It's a trilogy of books about what happens when the boundaries of time basically dissolves and causes everything to collide. It's got dinosaurs stalking the streets, cities being replaced by prehistoric jungles etc.

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