Hi. I love the science fiction genra but want to find the newest books first. How do I do so? Thank you.
Posted on 21st of May, 2019


Hi, it doesn't look like it is able to sort the books on the site by newest releases, but I have found a couple of workarounds if you are interested. First up, if you go to the science fiction category on the site and look at the "Editor's Choice" section you will mostly see new releases there. I have also discovered that you can go to if you go to the "Science Fiction" category on the 'eBook Deals" page of "deals.manybooks.net" (https://deals.manybooks.net/genres/science-fiction) you'll find all of the latest, latest releases. Most of these are paid, but they tend to be brand new and heavily discounted. I've also managed to snap up a couple of great freebies from there, so I highly recommend checking it out. One thing to do if you havent' already done so is to subscribe to their newsletter and check the "Science Fiction" category if you want to stay up to date about the new releases. Hope this helps you out and may you "Live long and prosper!" :)

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