I want to know what book about survival did you enjoy the most
Posted on 18th of October, 2019


I have read some stonking true tales of survival in the face of insurmountable odds, but there is always a skeptical part of my brain that wonders if these accounts are true or somewhat embellished for the sake of entertainment and acclaim. I mean, if I crash a plane on a remote island and only get rescued months later will I really tell everyone that I landed in a grove filled with delicious tropical fruit, while a stream of fresh water flowed through it and a cozy cave was there to shelter me from the elements. Or will I write a tale about how I had to fashion my own toenails into a shiv in order to fend off the wild hyenas that stalked me every night while trying to grow potatoes on the only patch of dirt on the island that wasn't infested with poison ivy and killer bees? Call me cynical, but after discovering the truth behind a certain Mr Bear Grylls and his so called survival tactics, I'm a little less gullible when it comes to these matters.

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