I watched the movies and they were really good.Are the books better than the book? And if so should I read this trilogy?
Posted on 16th of May, 2019


Well you haven't stated what movies you are talking about, so it is a bit hard to say, but in most cases the books are always better than the movies. Unless you have no imagination whatsoever, the most epic scenes described in books are always going to "look" better than what movies can come up with even with huge special effects budgets. I've actually been disappointed a few times when I watched movies, especially fantasy and science fiction based ones, where the battles or locations looked way more low budget than what I imagined while reading the books. Some movies, like The Lord of the Rings, comes close, but I dont' think they will ever be able to surpass our imaginations. At least not until Hollywood manages to find a way to make movies completely virtual reality and immersive. Seriously, though, books usually go into much more depth about small details than even the longest movies, so if you are a fan and want to learn more about your favorite characters, then I would say that you have nothing to lose by reading the books.
The Lord of the Rings books were turned into a trilogy. The Hobbit book was turned into a trilogy. The 50 Shades series of books were turned into a trilogy. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books were turned into a trilogy. The Godfather books were turned into a trilogy. I think the list goes on and on, so it really does depend on what movies you are talking about. I think Brennan is right, though, the books are much better than the movies in most, if not all, cases. I suppose the only exception would be is if you love a movie trilogy that fans of the book really hate for not being faithful to the story as then the books would feel too "different" to you. That's why it try to always read the books before watching the movies or television shows, except in cases like Game of Thrones where it doesn't look like the books will ever get finished.

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