What are your favorite science-fiction or fantasy series that is not by native English authors?
Posted on 13th of July, 2020


Favourite French Canadian author is Anne Robillard's Fantasy/Adventure Series: The Knights of Emerald (available in French or in English in EPUB). There are 12 books in this series. She has other series that are also great stories but they are only available in French, for now anyway. Maybe later.
"WORLD OF WATCHES" Series, (6 books,) by Sergei Lukyanenko.

They are a fantastic read, and PLEASE, do *not* judge them by the movies named for the 1st two books, ("Night Watch," & "Day Watch,") the series is far, far, better than those films suggest. I have only read them in translation, but put several genre reading friends onto them!

Aside from some great characters, and a fascinating concept, the fact that the series is mostly set in Russia, and written by a Russian, gives some fascinating insights into a culture that is only accessible to most of us through historical, or stereotyped sources.

I highly recommend them.
I read some Wolfgang Hohlbein who is a German author that specializes in fantasy. His books tend to be very popular with teenagers here.
For fantasy it would obviously have to be The Witcher saga which is written by a Polish author. Sapkowski has also written other fantasy novels that have yet to receive translations. I’m from Poland so I have read all of his books as well as some of the science fiction stuff by Stanislaw Lem. His sci-fi books have a bit of a philosophical bend to them, so I don’t know how well they translate to English.

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