What book made you feel like you have read something completely different from everyone else
Posted on 21st of October, 2019


One book that springs to mind is Lolita and the character of Humbert Humbert in particular. I don't think I've ever watched the movies, but like everyone else I've always heard about the story, so I thought I knew what to expect when I finally got around to reading the book. Well, I seem to recall that everyone always had praise for Humbert and called him a sympathetic character despite the horrible things that he does. That is most certainly not the impression that I got when I read the book and I had a tough time finishing it because I disliked Humbert so much. I could not muster up an ounce of pity for the man as he did nothing except obsess over Lolita, judge other people and generally just act like a jerk. Don't even get me started on his sinister plans for Lolita and their children. Maybe everyone else has read a different version of the book or something? I don't know, but it feels like that sometimes when I hear or read other discussions about Lolita.

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