What is a good modern romantic book (Rated R)
Posted on 24th of April, 2020


I would suggest books by Shataya Simms who wrote Living Anonymous, Nyce, Still Anonymous, and Unveiled. All these books are tied together and I really enjoyed them all. I also got the Corrupt Chaos Motorcycle Club box set on kindle for my birthday and it’s filled with steamy stuff! Oh and Worth It is also… worth it. It’s by S.M. Shade and C.M. Owens and has a nice combination of funny and naughty especially if you want a standalone story and not a series. Not gonna bother writing long synopsis of the books here as you can find all the details you need on Amazon. Oh and they are all contemporary so no fantasy or paranormal or sci fi or any of that stuff.
I actually read a ton of romantic erotica and I got most of them for free from Amazon. My personal highlights are Loving Maddie from A to Z [Kelly Jamieson], A Little Harmless Obsession [Melissa Schroeder], The Swirl: The Chase [Cornelia Smith], Deliver [Pam Godwin], and the complete “Delicate” series [Lucia Jordan]. All of this is/were free and they deliver the goods if you are looking for some R rated romance. Let me know if you enjoy these and I can recommend a few others on my reading list as well. -L
Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts is pretty good. Probably the best romance of hers I've read, simply because the guy doesn't sexually assault the woman, and there's a decent murder mystery too.

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