By God's Will

By God's Will : A Thriller of Religion, Diplomacy, and Betrayal, Delving Into the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Middle East Political Thrillers Book 1)
By God's Will
Avner Tavori

In the heart of New York City, Ron Gavish's dream job at the Israeli Mission to the UN spirals into a nightmare when he stumbles upon a labyrinth of religious zealotry, filled with secrets and mortal danger at every turn.


About the Author

AVNER TAVORI has actually lived in the world he describes in his novel. In 1982 he was a war correspondent in Lebanon and spent more than three months with the advancing Israeli troops, and with units of the Christian Militia in Beirut. He was born in 1947, in what was then British Palestine, and grew up in the Israel of the 1950’s in the socialist environment, typical of the time, in his hometown of Haifa. After completing his mandatory military service in the Parachute Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), he served a short stint as a Desk-Officer in the Jerusalem headquarters of ShinBet – Israel’s National Security Service – and coordinated field operations in the occupied West Bank. As a journalist (1970-1986) he was the political correspondent for Israel’s Public Radio (Kol Israel) and covered the inner workings of Israel’s political scene. He also worked for the daily newspaper, DAVAR, and published opinion pieces on a variety of issues. In the 1990’s he worked for the Israeli Labor Party, and then Rabin’s Government, culminating in being appointed to the position of Press Secretary for the Israeli Ambassador to the UN in New York.