Detour to Agape

Detour to Agape
Detour to Agape
R. F. Whong

In the vein of Crazy Rich Asians and The Alchemist, and as noted in a review, Detour to Agape (sequel to Blazing China) is about a soul-stirring journey of love, mystery, and self-discovery. Recent verified purchase reviews: “I love the characters in this series. “ “This is a gripping novel that has everything from drama, romance, mysteries from the past, and religious parables. “


About the Author

I work for a small biotech company and have published 120+ scientific books and papers. I’m a latecomer to creative writing. So far, I’ve released four fiction books (Blazing China, Detour to Agape, Love at the Garden Tomb, and The Way We Forgive) under my pen name, R. F. Whong, and one non-fiction book (Are Your Health and Finances Related) under Ruth Wuwong. Detour to Agape is a sequel to Blazing China. Blazing China reached Amazon’s #1 New Release in Asian Literature in 8/2023 and #2 Best Seller on 10/1/2023.

R F Whong