Foods That Made History

Foods That Made History
Foods That Made History
Rafael Agam

Chef Rafael Agam crosses centuries and continents to pen the history surrounding the big names behind fine-dining’s most famous cuisines. Foods That Made History is an entertaining, satisfying full-course menu for foodies and history lovers alike.


About the Author

In his twenties Chef Rafael Agam studied Gastronomy in France, and for three decades since, has been cooking, writing books and articles, and giving cooking workshops. His books tell stories from behind the closed kitchen doors, from the history of food, his travels to work in kitchens at different countries, and from the vast culinary world.
"There are millions of recipes and food shows, but what the culinary enthusiast really needs are stories about cooking in kitchens and food history", says chef Agam.
Rafael Agam got much of the inspiration for his writings from studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, from working in Michelin-starred restaurants, and from his famous "Voila" Swiss-French restaurant in Israel.