My Father's Secret ...And Other Unbelievable (True) Stories

My Father's Secret ...And Other Unbelievable (True) Stories
My Father's Secret ...And Other Unbelievable (True) Stories
Dr. Samson Stern

My Father's Secret is the opening chapter of Samson Stern's compilation of short, larger-than-life stories. Heartbreaking and inspiring, it spans multiple continents, decades, and the lives of both survivors and their families.


About the Author

Dr. Samson Stern is the author of My Father’s Secret and a unique personality in the Bohemian scene of Tel Aviv, a colorful man that is full of life. A dentist by trade, Dr. Stern’s sprawling patient list includes artists and businessmen, politicians, and individuals whose identities should not be compromised. At his leisure, Samson enjoys a wide variety of activities: from the spotlight of the theater to getting tangled with arms dealers, spending time at opera houses and heroic prison rescues around the globe, and above all – singing and songwriting.
His debut book, co-written and illustrated by his close friend Doron Rosenblatt, contains songs written and performed by Samson together with some of Israel’s top artists, including composer Nurit Hirsh and singer-songwriter David Broza, who also performs the titular song “Giants Die Standing Tall.”

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