Never Let Go

Never Let Go
Never Let Go
Weston Parker

The fairytales never warn you how confusing falling in love can be. Especially when you’re as unlucky as I am. My friend is marrying the guy she met through a blind-dating service. But I’m now falling for two men: the guy from my past and the man I’ve been dating in the dark. Wish me luck.


About the Author

Hey there. I'm Weston.
Have we met? No? Well, it’s time to end that tragedy.
I'm a former firefighter/EMS guy who's picked up the proverbial pen and started writing bad-boy romance stories. I co-write with my sister, Ali Parker, but live in Texas with my wife, my two little boys, a baby girl, two dogs, two cats, and a turtle.
Yep. A turtle. You read that right. Don’t be jealous.